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Decorative Concrete Rocklin, CA

Rocklin stamped concreteIf you live in the Rocklin, California area and you are looking to repair, resurface or refinish your concrete with a decorative look than look no more Sierra Concrete Resurfacing can help!

Sierra Concrete Resurfacing specializes in decorative concrete for both residential and commercial areas. Few companies have the experience and knowledge to install the job right the first time. As exclusive Sundek installers Sierra Concrete Resurfacing has the training and premier products to not only give you the best installation at an affordable price point. Our selection is unlimited with products, colors, textures and designs to choose from.

Some of the decorative concrete services we offer includes: concrete resurfacing, stamped concrete overlays, concrete staining, epoxy floor coatings, polyurea polyaspartic, and our Sundek Classic texture.

Each of these products have their unique advantages over other applications and depending on the area you are looking to refinish or resurface and the look you are going after will determine which decorative concrete application is right for you.

Sundek Classic Texture has been the Gold standard of the industry now since the 1970’s. This product is an acrylic cement coating that is sprayed and then troweled on top of existing concrete to give it a nice looking and durable finish. This product can be installed on top of old or new concrete and if you have a pool deck that you would like to install it on we have many colors that are actually cooler than traditional concrete!

Stained Concrete – If you have a concrete floor indoor or outdoor that you would like to stain, we have many different concrete staining options available. We install acid stain as for that unique one of a kind look as well as a water based staining solution which is eco friendly for all of your cement flooring needs. The water based stain is a more controlled look that looks amazing.

Stamped Concrete Overlays – If you would like your concrete to look like pavers, natural stone, limestone, flagstone, wood or other natural looks, we can install a stamped overlay right on top of your cement surface and give it a stamped concrete look and texture. The nice part about this product is unlike traditional stamped concrete you don’t have to tear out and re-pour your a new slab of cement. This will save you a nice chunk of change and time!

Epoxy Flooring & Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings – These chipped floor applications are great for garage floors because they are flexible, durable, easy to maintain and they hide dirt. If you are looking to make your garage flooring look amazing and make it easy to clean check ask about our chipped floors.

Concrete Resurfacing – If your concrete is old and has chips and cracks or even flakes in it and you would like to repair and refinish it with a decorative concrete coating or overlay, we can do just that with a product that meets your expectations both aesthetically and improves your lifestyle due to the ease of maintenance. We offer pool deck resurfacing and also resurface patios, driveways, commercial concrete floors, interior floors, garage floors and more.

Sierra Concrete Resurfacing is your one stop shop for all of your decorative concrete resurfacing needs whether you would like to stain your concrete floor, install a stamped concrete overlay on your driveway, put a cool textured surface on your pool deck or make your garage floor look like it is part of the inside of your home.


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